Repairs to the building of future intensive care utin has been started

The dismantling was only the beginning of the great and good deeds. Repair work has been started.
With common efforts of the team of builders and several volunteers the future intensive care unit is successfully prepared for the embedding in concrete that is planned for tomorrow happy Friday.
All materials amounting to 11 200 UAH (4 cars of sand and gravel chippings, 200 square meters of fabric-reinforced, 350 linear meters of reinforcement) and 24 cubic meters of the concrete  itself together with concrete pump (total of 25 000 UAH) were donated to the Foundation by Svetlana Kovalskaya Kyiv Plant of reinforced concrete construction, which is the largest producer of concrete and concrete products in Ukraine.
The next steps are window installation, ventilation system equipment, air conditioning, and drywall installation.