The Foundation “Aid centre” provided cars for two injured ATO soldiers

Ceremonial commitment of cars to injured ATO soldiers Sergiy Ilnitskiy (19 years old) and Roman Fedoryn (22 years old) took place at the Main military clinical hospital on the 28th of February. These soldiers were seriously injured in the battles near the city of Lugansk last June. As a result both guys lost lower extremities, underwent a serious amputation and obtained prosthetics. They are currently receiving aftercare services.Vehicles were purchased by the Foundation “Aid Center” on charitable donations that were raised during the first auction held with the support of “Ducat” auction house. The funds were initially raised for prosthetic needs. But common efforts of volunteers and NGO organizations made the Ministry of social policy increase compensation fees on the prosthetics from the state budget. Thus, the Foundation “Aid Center” obtained money for purchasing vehicles.
This initiative is a part of post-rehabilitation program aimed at social adaptation of men-at-arms who were injured during the ATO. Soldiers, who lost the lower or upper extremities, do require quick adaptation and adjustment to a new life with prosthetics. The infrastructure of our cities is not adapted for needs of disabled. Thus, own car for injured soldiers is not a whim but a necessity. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t provide vehicles or other mobility solutions for soldiers. They can only count on concerned citizens and volunteers. Hopefully this event draws more attention to the life of injured heroes after hospital.
Several companies joined the initiative of the Foundation. “Ilta” company made a great offer on vehicles and issued a free assurance package for 6 months. Further car insurance was provided by an insurance company “Kniazha”.
The ceremony was attended by Sergiy Ilnitskiy, Roman Fedoryn and their relatives, head of the charitable Foundation “Aid Center” Yuriy Kogutiak, prosthetist and expert from LLC “Оrthоtеch-Service GMBH” Alexander Stetsenko, Colonel, Deputy Director of the Main military clinical hospital of educational work Gennady Perov.