Changing of the purposes and order usage of raised charitable funds


Between October 18, 2014 and December 26, 2014 the charitable foundation “Aid centre” raised donations in the amount of  811 040 hrn.  with the next purposes of usage “prosthesis of wounded soldiers during anti-terrorist operation (ATO zone)”

The government has already provided the appropriate budget expenditures that fully compensate costs for these purposes, so raised donations can not be used for the same purposes just because of the lack of need.

The Charitable Foundation decided to change the purposes and order usage of raised charitable funds to the following purposes “Medical, rehabilitative and means of transportation provision for disabled participants in ATO”.

All donors who made donations for previous purposes in appointed period have the right to refuse donations in view of the changing purposes and order usage within 30 calendar days from the date of setting this message on the site of the Charitable Foundation and donations that are already made will be returned in full-sized.

If the donors don’t use their right to refuse donation, their agreement to the change of purposes and order usage of their donations will be considered automatically.